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CT Series Hot Air Slice / Flaky Material Rotary Drum Dryer / Drier /Drying Oven

Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
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Hot air circulating drying machine belongs to high temperature heat pump unit. Its working principle is: the working fluid of the heat pump is compressed by the compressor, becomes high temperature and high pressure gas, enters the condenser, condenses and liquefies the heat, and is used for air heating in the drying room. The moisture in the material is vaporized and evaporated by the form of hot air, and the evaporated water vapor is discharged by the moisture discharge system, thereby achieving the purpose of drying the drying material.

Main features

1. Compact design, easily moving;
2. Simple operation, suitable for R&D purpose;
3. No need any utility apart from power;
4. Maintenance free;
5. Lower temperature with cascade refrigeration system;
6. Stoppring system available.

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